Analysis of Pavement Structures

Analysis of Pavement Structures

This book is about pavement analysis. A pavement is a multi-
layered structure, made of a number of layers placed one over

the other. These layers can be made of asphaltic material, cement
concrete, bound or unbound stone aggregates, etc. These materials
show complex mechanical response with the variation of stress,
time, or temperature. Thus, understanding the performance of an
in-service pavement structure subjected to vehicular loading and
environmental variations is a difficult task.

Significant research has been done on analysis and design of pave-
ments during the last half-century (some of the fundamental devel-
opments are, however, more than hundred years old) and a large

number of research publications are already available. However,
there is a need for the basic formulations to be systematically
compiled and put together in one place. Hence this book. It is
believed that such a compilation will provide an exposure to the
basic approaches used in pavement analyses and subsequently help the readers formulate their own research or field problems more
difficult than those dealt with in this book.


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