Building a Home Security System with Arduino

Building a Home Security System with Arduino

Learn what a security system is, how it works and create one for yourself Develop a security system by setting up security cameras and motion detector systems Manage and analyze all the data collected by the sensors from the security system, using a graphical application.

What you learn?
Run cables and electricity to support home security infrastructure
Connect Arduino to your programming environment
Learn to interact with output devices – alarms, locks, shutters
Understand different parts of electronics circuit (MOSFET, resistor, capacitor)
Integrate home monitoring and security notifications with monitoring systems
Use logical level shifter with Arduino to send and receive data to and from Raspberry PI
In Detail
Arduino is an open source micro-controller built on a single circuit board that is capable of receiving sensory input from the environment and controlling interactive physical objects. It is also a development environment that allows the writing of software to the board, and is programmed in the Arduino programming language. It is used for a variety of different purposes and projects, from simple projects such as building a thermostat, to more advanced ones such as robotics, web servers, seismographs, home security systems and synthesizers.


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