Project Scheduling Handbook

Project Scheduling Handbook

Project sheduling and production management is one of the most profitable

careers within the modern American construction industry. Although lend-
ers, owners, contractors, developers, project teams, inspectors, designers,

engineers, suppliers, and a host of others all play integral parts in the con-
struction process, the project scheduler is instrumental in making the pro-
duction schedule either profitable or a financial disaster. As a licensed and

certified construction management professional for two decades now, I see
this business from the inside out. Because the construction industry is so
competitive, one must be both aggressive and smart to be successful.

This book/software package is unique in that it addresses the profes-
sional techniques of project scheduling as never before. The software included

in the book contains the essential sorts (summary reports) of a CPM network

schedule, which are integrated to provide a working network schedule incor-
porating program logic. You enter the data, the computer does the work. Use

of this type of software program, and repeated exposure to this book, will
make the reader more efficient and more marketable in professional project
scheduling. The skills learned from this book can be applied by any project
scheduler of production-type project execution.


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