Structural Foundation Designers’ Manual

Structural Foundation Designers’ Manual

In this age of increasing specialism, it is important that
the engineer responsible for the safe design of structures
maintains an all-round knowledge of the art and science of
foundation design. In keeping with the aims and aspirations
of the original authors, this second edition of the Structural
Foundation Designers’ Manual provides an up-to-date reference
book, for the use of structural and civil engineers
involved in the foundation design process.
The inspiration provided by Bill Curtin who was the driving
force behind the practical approach and no-nonsense
style of the original book, has not been sacrificed and the
book continues to provide assistance for the new graduate
and the experienced design engineer in the face of the
myriad choices available when selecting a suitable foundation
for a tricky structure on difficult ground.

Foundation design could be thought of as analogous to a
beam design. The designer of the beam will need to know
the load to be carried, the load-carrying capacity of the
beam, how much it will deflect and whether there are any
long-term effects such as creep, moisture movement, etc. If
the calculated beam section is, for some reason, not strong
enough to support the load or is likely to deflect unduly,
then the beam section is changed. Alternatively, the beam
can either be substituted for another type of structural element,
or a stronger material be chosen for the beam.


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