Structural Steel Construction

Structural Steel Construction

Structural steel is an economical construction material for building applications. It
offers high ratios of strength to weight and strength to volume. Thus, structural
steel has the advantage of permitting long clear spans for horizontal members and
requiring less floor space for columns than other common construction materials.
It also can be used in combination with reinforced concrete to provide cost-effective
building components. For large industrial buildings, where the structural frame can
be exposed, it is often the material of choice.

Designers, in addition to performing these steps, should also have an appreciation
of the complete construction cycle to assure a practical and economical design.
This includes understanding the needs of other disciplines and trades, types and
availability of the materials used in steel of construction, applicable codes and
specifications, the role and responsibilities of the fabricator and the erector, and a
designer’s own responsibilities in the area of quality assurance.
The other principal parties involved in structural steel construction are fabricators
and erectors. Erectors frequently act as a subcontractor to the fabricator. Fabrication
operations convert the mill materials into shipping pieces ready for erection at the
jobsite. These operations are generally performed in a shop.


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