Construction Process Planning and Management

Civil Engineering Project Management

Traversing the design and construction process, even for an experienced hand, is
sometimes daunting. When dealing with unfamiliar terminology and professionals
in the fi eld of architecture, engineering, and construction, project owners may need
some guidance along the way and, at times, wish they had a relative in the building
business to provide them with some helpful tips.
That is the purpose of this book: to offer project owners who are new to the
design and construction process some fi rsthand experience from someone who has
been in this business for 40 years, and, for owners who have been involved with
many projects, perhaps shed some new light on problems they may have encountered
previously and wish to avoid in the future.

The practice of architecture is centuries old, but in this country the profession did
not become recognized until the mid-1800s as the Industrial Revolution unfolded.
Before that time, and in the decades that followed, carpenters and masons not only
built structures for their clients but served as quasi-designers as well. The era of the
Master Builder fl ourished in the early twentieth century; skilled contractors employing
crews of laborers, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, and other trades offered
clients the benefi t of not only their construction experience but their ability to customize
past projects to fi t the new owner’s requirements.


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