Hydraulic Structures Third Edition

Hydraulic Structures Third Edition

The main aim of the book, i.e. to provide a text for final-year undergraduate
and for postgraduate students, remains the same as for the previous
two editions; we also hope that researchers, designers, and operators of the
many types of structures covered in the book will continue to find the text
of interest and a stimulating, up-to-date reference source.
It is now almost six years since the manuscript of the second edition
was completed and this new edition gave us the opportunity to correct the
few remaining errors and to update the text and references throughout. At
the same time, as a reaction to some important developments in the field,
certain parts of the text have been rewritten, enlarged, or reorganized.

Readers of the second edition may wish to note the following major

Chapter 1. The environmental and social issues associated with major
reservoir projects are addressed in greater depth.
Chapter 2. New section on small embankments and flood banks and
expanded discussion of seismicity and seismic analysis.
Chapter 4. Enlarged text on design flood selection and reservoir flood
standards, aeration on spillways and in free-flowing tunnels;
extended treatment of stepped spillways.
Chapter 6. A new section on tidal barrage and surge protection gates
and enlarged text on forces acting on gates; a new worked
Chapter 7. Enhanced text on reservoir hazard analysis and dam break
Chapter 9. New paragraph on pressure distribution under piled foundation
floors of weirs with a new worked example.
Chapter 14. This chapter – Coastal and offshore engineering in previous
edition – has been divided into:
Chapter 14 ‘Waves and offshore engineering


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