Building Materials in Civil Engineering

Building Materials in Civil Engineering

This book is suitable for students majoring in “Civil Engineering”,
“Construction Engineering”, “Engineering Supervision”, “Costing
Engineering”, and “Water Supply and Drainage Engineering”, also for the
engineers and technicians engaging in the relevant specialties.
For the sake of requirements for higher vocational and profcssional
teaching and vocational education, this book not only focuses on cement,
concrete, steel, new waterproof materials, but also introduces the
environment-friendly materials. It tries to make the teaching materials more
applicable, more substantial, more succinct, and more novel. Since it ‘was
published, this book has been amended and rewritten carefully to satisfj the
new amended national regulations and standards. Due to the limited
knowledge in the compilation of this book, mistakes and errors cannot be fully
avoided. The comments and criticism from the readers will be highly

In the general environment for humans’ survival, all the materials or products
used in structures or buildings are called building materials which are the
material foundation for all the construction engineering. The building
materials discussed in this course are all the materials used in building
foundations, bases, floors, walls, beams, plates, roofs and architectural
There is a wide variety of building materials. They are usually classified
from different angles for the sake of study, application and description. The
most common classifications are based on their chemical components and


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