Building Surveys and Reports

Building Surveys and Reports

No doubt it would be readily understood that several of the surveys mentioned
above would be carried out simultaneously. For instance, a surveyor is often
asked to report on the condition of a property and at the same time prepare a
scheme for an extension or alterations. The surveyor’s report on the items to be
examined will also vary with each building; a lot will depend on whether or not
the surveyor is being asked to report on the general condition of a building or

examine specific defects. In certain cases the surveyor may consider it advisa-
ble to ask if there is any particular point which the client has noticed and which

might be giving them reason for concern. Initially, the client will almost cer-
tainly be worried by the question of structural stability and will wish to have

the surveyor’s advice on this matter as soon as possible. On accepting instruc-
tions, the surveyor must therefore arrange an early date to examine the premises

with this object in mind. Owners seldom realise that a building ten or more
years of age is unlikely to be in perfect condition; even in quite small properties
expenditure may have to be incurred in order to put the property in sound

Reference to the early history of the building is often important. Very few owners
can provide clear details about old buildings. Local authorities or local builders can
often produce the original plans, but it is well to remember that alterations were
often carried out in the past without submitting plans to the authorities concerned,
so any drawings produced should be checked carefully. It was also quite common
for details to be altered at the time of building but not amended on the plans.
As soon as a commission has been received to survey a building for alterations
or extensions, it is important to consider the nature of the proposed scheme and
to ensure that adequate information is obtained on site (Douglas, 2006). It is
therefore advisable to discuss the proposals with the client before commencing
the survey and reach an agreement as to what precisely they require by way of

advice and the specific parts of the building which are to be examined.


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