Construction Manager BIM Handbook

Construction Manager BIM Handbook

Building Information Modelling and related technologies are set to transform our industry
beyond recognition.
Within a generation we will have a digitally enabled industry sharing data and information
via the Cloud across all stages of the asset lifecycle – seamlessly, efficiently,
consistently, reliably and creating value for all stakeholders in the process, but most
of all for asset owners and operators – our customers.
You may feel this is a far cry from the current state of affairs in our industry, but
nevertheless this is where we are headed. Many are already on this journey, and more
begin every day. A few years ago, in 2011, the UK Government embarked on a bold
programme – to move our industry towards delivering digital management of assets
in the public sector.

Building Information Modelling 
A phrase that creates fear, generates confusion and misconception, and is
polarising our industry into those that do, those that don’t, perhaps those
that really don’t care, and maybe those that would rather it just all went
For many thinking about starting their BIM journey, the difficulty is knowing
where to start, achieving a basic understanding and then working out how
to move forward.
The aim of The Construction Managers BIM Handbook is to provide some
basic guidance, to cut through themisconceptions and provide CIOB members
and the wider industry with a platform to progress.
This is deliberately intended to be concise, topical and a little basic.
With the help of some distinguished contributors, we will shed some light
on the different aspects of BIM, unpack UK BIM Level 2 and explore what
it means. This isn’t necessarily for the ‘experts’, as I believe those that
are trying to just understand ‘which way is up’ will far outnumber the early
adopters and leading protagonists for several years yet. Our challenge
is to transform an entire industry, dragging it by its bootstraps into the
twenty-first century and beyond.


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