Introduction to Building Fourth Edition

Introduction to Building Fourth Edition

This volume is intended for those who are commencing a
serious study of the various mental and physical processes
which are involved during the creation of a building. It

is therefore primarily for students of construction man-
agement, building, architecture and interior design. It

provides a basic introduction to building; each section is

designed to stimulate interest and encourage further read-
ing from the other more advanced volumes of Mitchell’s

Building Series. Further reading is provided at the end
of each chapter, which includes relevant BRE Digests
and Information Papers.

When a building is constructed two main physical
resources are involved. These are materials necessary to
form the various parts, and technical ability to assemble

the parts into an enclosure (Fig. 1.1). Initially, the mater-
ials employed were those which could most easily be

obtained from the accessible areas of the surface of the
earth. The technical ability was mostly simple, having
evolved from the convenient methods of economically
working the rudimentary characteristics of these available

materials. The gradual widening in means of communica-
tion and corresponding developments in attitudes led to an

increased range of these resources becoming available.


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