Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures Assessment and Repair of Corrosion

Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures Assessment and Repair of Corrosion

Deterioration of reinforced concrete structures has been one of the major challenges
facing civil engineers over the past 20 years. Concrete structures were famous for
being maintenance free. Over time, however, it was found that nothing is free and
that it was necessary to increase spending if one did not know how to deal with
deterioration of concrete structures. The major factor causing concrete deterioration
is corrosion of steel reinforcements, so it is very important to understand this issue
This book aims to be a handbook for reinforced concrete structure maintenance
to be used as a guide for junior and senior engineers’ work in design, construction,
repair, and maintenance. Moreover, the book has been written so as to be easy for
civil engineers to understand—without any complicated chemical reactions—and to
help researchers with its very strong theoretical background.

The book consists of three main approaches. In the first, chapters 1–3 describe
the corrosion phenomena of steel in concrete, the effect of concrete properties on
the corrosion, and the precautions taken in construction to control corrosion. The

second approach concerns the evaluation of concrete structures and different meth-
ods to protect steel reinforcement from corrosion. The last two chapters describe the

most traditional and advanced repair techniques. Moreover, chapter 9 focuses on
an advanced maintenance plan philosophy as risk-based maintenance for reinforced
concrete structures.
This book provides a practical guide to the art of concrete structure repair and
maintenance. It includes case histories from all over the world to assist the reader in
appreciating the widespread applications and ranges of advanced repair techniques.


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