Structural Renovation in Concrete

Structural Renovation in Concrete

Renovation is a carefully designed series of activities to recover the
load-carrying capability, enhance performance, and extend the service life
of existing buildings and infrastructures with a satisfactory quality.
Such activities include the repair, strengthening, and rehabilitation of
aged or damaged structures. Renovation engineering is a combination of
maintenance, inspection, and rehabilitation including repair and
Over the past few decades, there has been considerable interest in the
development of renovation techniques and renovation activities mainly due
to the deterioration and durability problems of concrete structures.

The maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures involve
several broad issues which encompass technical, social, and economic
aspects, such as the fundamental knowledge of materials and structures as
well as basic understanding of economy and sociology. In this book, we
focus on the technical aspects. From material and structural points of view, a
project for maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of a concrete structure
usually requires knowledge and expertise in the areas of structural materials,
repair materials, structural inspection, material testing, repair and/or
strengthening techniques. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, a book that
systematically covers all these issues is currently not available. The present
book can be considered the first attempt to fill such a void.


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