Guide to Concrete Repair

Guide to Concrete Repair

This guide contains the expertise of numerous individuals who have directly assisted the author on many concrete repair projects or freely shared their concrete repair knowledge whenever requested. Their substantial contributions to the preparation of this guide are acknowledged and appreciated. Some of the material in this guide originated in the various editions of Reclamation’s Concrete Manual. The author edited, revised, or updated this information for inclusion herein.

concrete is a very durable construction material and, if properly proportioned and placed, will give very long service under normal conditions. Many Reclamation concrete structures, however, were constructed using early concrete technology, and they have already provided well over 50 years of service under harsh conditions. Such concrete must be inspected regularly to ensure that it is receiving the maintenance necessary to retain serviceability. Managers and foremen of operation and maintenance crews must understand that, with respect to concrete, there is no such thing as economical deferred maintenance. Failure to promptly provide the proper necessary maintenance will simply result in very expensive repairs or replacement of otherwise useful structures. Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate the folly of inadequate or inappropriate maintenance. These two structures now require replacement at a cost tens of times greater than that of the preventive maintenance that could have extended their serviceability indefinitely.


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