The Repair of Concrete Structures

The Repair of Concrete Structures 

 J.D.N.Shaw, S.C.Edwards, R.T.L.Allen

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Recent years have seen an increased emphasis on the repair and refurbishment of all
types of structures, in preference to demolition and rebuilding. Furthermore,
faults are now becoming evident in some structures erected during the period of
peak activity in the construction industry, some ten to twenty years ago. Concrete
structures are no exception. As a result, new materials and methods of concrete
repair have been developed, but much of this information has appeared in
isolated papers and articles. This book brings the details together and provides a
comprehensive guide to the subject. In addition to basic structural repairs, it
covers underwater work, leak sealing, repairs to concrete floors and the use of
surface coatings in the renovation and protection of concrete structures.

Cast in-situ concrete structures are hardly ever built under ideal conditions so,
for a variety of reasons, defects may occur as the concrete is being cast or very
soon afterwards. The cause may be unsuitable or defective materials, unsuitable
construction methods, poor workmanship or failure to appreciate the hazards
associated with a particular structural form or with prevailing weather
conditions. Some structural details, such as congested reinforcement or very
narrow sections, can greatly increase the risk of occurrence of defects.
Unsuitable concrete mix design can cause a variety of defects ranging from
variations in colour to severe honeycombing, and it must be remembered that a
mix that achieves satisfactory strength may not be satisfactory in other respects.

The Repair of Concrete Structures

Content :
  • Damage occurring during construction
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Cement and aggregates
  • Polymers for concrete repair
  • Repairs to cracked concrete
  • Spalled concrete: hand-applied repairs
  • Sprayed concrete
  • Large-volume repairs
  • Leak sealing
  • Surface coatings
  • Underwater repair
  • Repair of concrete floors

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