Basics of Electrical Engineering

Basics of Electrical Engineering

Sanjeev Sharma

Preference :

The book provides a theory concerned with a large number of numerical problems. Questions related to the topic at the end of each chapter are also given. Solved question papers of previous years and important formulas are appended at the end of the book. Salient features More than 500 solved numerical problems. Problems of GATE and other competitive exams. Solutions and discussion on the UPSC problems and solutions. Standard tricks to solve the difficult problems that will help the students not only in the university exams but also in the competitive exams.

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Content :
  • Alternating Current Fundamentals and Circuit
  • Magnetic Circuits
  • Electrical Measuring Instruments and Measurements
  • Transformer
  • Polyphase Circuit
  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  • Synchronous Machine
  • Polyphase Induction Motor
  • SinglePhase IMotor
  • Solved Questions Papers of Previous Years
  • Objective Questions for Practical Quiz
  • Electromagnetism

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