Introduction to Electrical Circuit

Introduction to Electrical Circuit

Eur Ing R G Poweli 

Preference :

This book covers the material normally found in first and second year syllabuses on the topic of electric circuits. It is intended for use by degree and diploma students in electrical and electronic engineering and in the associated areas of integrated, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The two most important areas of study for all electrical and electronic engineering students are those of circuit theory and electromagnetic field theory. These lay the foundation for the understanding of the rest of the subjects which make up a coherent course and they are intimately related. Texts on one of them invariably and inevitably have references to the other. In Chapter 2 of this book the ingredients of electric circuits are introduced and the circuit elements having properties called capacitance and inductance are associated with electric and magnetic fields respectively. Faraday's law is important in the concept of mutual inductance and its effects. Reference is made, therefore, to electromagnetic field theory on a need to know basis, some formulae being presented without proof. The level of mathematics required here has been kept to a realistic minimum. Some facility with algebra (transposition of formulae) and knowledge of basic trigonometry and elementary differentiation and integration is assumed. I have included well over a hundred worked examples within the text and a similar number of problems with answers. At the end of each chapter there is a series of self-assessment test questions.

Content :
  • Chapter 1 Units and dimensions
  • Chapter 2 Electric circuit elements 
  • Chapter 3 DC circuit analysis
  • Chapter 4 Single-phase a.c. circuits 
  • Chapter 5 Three-phase a.c. circuits 
  • Chapter 6 Resonance
  • Chapter 7 Nodal and mesh analysis 
  • Chapter 8 Transient analysis 
  • Chapter 9 Two-port networks 
  • Chapter 10 Duals and analogues 

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