Seismic and Wind Design of Concrete Buildings

Seismic and Wind Design of Concrete Buildings 

Fardis, Michael N

Preference :

The landmark volume, Design of Multistorey Concrete Buildings for Earthquake Motions by Blume, Newmark, and Corning, published by the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 1961, gave a major impetus to the design and construction of concrete buildings in regions of high seismicity. In the decades since, significant strides have been made in the earthquake resistant design and construction of reinforced concrete buildings. Significant developments have occurred in the building codes arena as well. However, a comprehensive guide to aid the designer in the detailed seismic design of concrete buildings was not available until PCA published the Design of Concrete Buildings for Earthquake and Wind Forces by S.K. Ghosh and August W. Darnel, Jr. in 1992.  That design manual illustrated the detailed design of reinforced concrete buildings utilizing the various structural systems recognized in U.S. seismic codes. All designs were according to the provisions of the 1991 edition of the Uniform Building Code (UBC), which had adopted, with modifications, the seismic detailing requirements of the 1989 edition of Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete (ACI 318-89, Revised 1992). The design of the same building was carried out for regions of high, moderate, and low seismicity. 

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Content :
  • Introduction
  • Office Building with Dual and moment-resisting Frame Systems
  • Residential Building with Shear wall-frame Interactive and Building Frame Systems
  • School Building with Moment-Resisting
  • Residential Building with Bearing Wall
  • Parking Structural with Building frame System.

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