Hydraulic Design Handbook

Hydraulic Design Handbook 

Larry W. Mays

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Since the Egyptian’s and Mesopotamian’s first successful efforts to control the flow of water thousands of years ago, a rich history of hydraulics has evolved. Sec. 1.2 contains a brief description of some ancient hydraulic structures that are found around the world. During the 20th century, many new developments have occurred in both theoretical and applied hydraulics. A number of handbooks and textbooks on hydraulics have been published, as indicated in Fig. 1.1. From the viewpoint of hydraulic design, however, only manuals, reports, monographs, and the like have been published, mostly by government agencies. Unfortunately, many aspects of the hydraulic design have never been published as a compendium. This Hydraulic Design Handbook is the first effort devoted to producing a comprehensive handbook for hydraulic design. The book covers many aspects of hydraulic design, with step-by-step procedures outlined and illustrated by sample design problems.

Content :
  • Introduction / Larry W. Mays --
  • Hydraulics of pressurized flow / Bryan W. Karney --
  • Hydraulics of open channel flow / Richard H. French --
  • Subsurface flow and transport / Mariush W. Kemblowki --
  • Environmental hydraulics / Richard H. French --
  • Sedimentation and erosion hydraulics / Marcelo H. García --
  • Risk/reliability-based hydraulic engineering design / Yeou-Koung Tung --
  • Hydraulic design for energy generation / H. Wayne Coleman --
  • Hydraulics of water distribution systems / Kevin Lansey --
  • Pump system hydraulic design / B.E. Bosserman --
  • Water distribution system design / Mark A. Ysusi --
  • Hydraulic transient design for pipeline systems / C. Samuel Martin --
  • Hydraulic design of drainage for highways / G. Kenneth Young, Jr. --
  • Hydraulic design of urban drainage systems / Ben Chie Yen --
  • Hydraulic design of culverts and highway structures / I. Kaan Tuncok --
  • Hydraulic design of flood control channels / George K. Cotton --
  • Hydraulic design of spillways / H. Wayne Coleman --
  • Hydraulic design of stilling basins and energy dissipators / C.Y. Wei --
  • Floodplain hydraulics / Roy D. Dodson

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