Steel Concrete Composite Bridges

Steel Concrete Composite Bridges

David Collings

Preference :

Composite bridges are structures that combine materials such as steel, concrete, timber or masonry in any combination. In common usage nowadays composite construction is normally taken to mean either steel and concrete construction or precast-concrete and insitu-concrete bridges. For this book the scope is limited to steel–concrete composite structures. Composites is also a term used to describe modern materials such as glass- or carbon-reinforced plastics and so on. These materials are becoming more common but are beyond the scope of this book. Steel–concrete composite structures are a common and economical form of construction used in a wide variety of structural types. This book initially reviews the forms of structure in which composite construction is used, and then the more common forms of composite construction are considered in more detail.

Content :
  • General concepts
  • Simple beam bridges
  • Integral bridges
  • Continuous bridges
  • Viaducts
  • Haunches and double composite action
  • Box girders
  • Trusses
  • Arches
  • Cable-stayed bridges
  • Prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges
  • Assessment of composite bridges

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