Theory Of Modeling And Simulation: Discrete Event And Iterative System Computational Foundations

Theory Of Modeling And Simulation 

Bernard P. Zeigler

Preference :

In this edition, two major contributors to the theory of modeling and simulation join with the original author to completely revise the original text. As suggested by its subtitle, the current book concentrates on the integration of the continuous and discrete paradigms for modeling and simulation. A second major theme is that of distributed simulation and its potential to support the co-existence of multiple formalisms in multiple model components. Although the material is mostly new, the presentation format remains the same. There are three major sections. Part I introduces a framework for modeling and simulation and the primary continuous and discrete approaches to making models and simulating them on computers. This part offers a unified view of the field that most books lack and, written in an informal manner, it can be used as instructional material for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Content :
  • Introduction To Systems Modeling Concepts
  • Framework For Modeling And Simulation
  • Modeling Formalisms And Their Simulators
  • Introduction To Discrete Event System Specification
  • Hierarchy Of System Specifications
  • Basic Formalisms: Devs, Dess, Dtss
  • Basic Formalisms: Coupled Multi-component Systems
  • Simulators For Basic Formalisms
  • Multi-formalism Modeling And Simulation
  • Introduction To Iterative System Specification

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