Wind Loading of Structures 2nd Edition

Wind Loading of Structures 2nd Edition 

John Holmes

Preference :

Wind loading competes with seismic loading as the dominant environmental loading for structures. They have produced roughly equal amounts of damage over a long time period, although large damaging earthquakes occur less often than severe wind storms. On almost every day of the year a severe wind storm is happening somewhere on the earth—although many storms are small and localized. In the tropical oceans, the most severe of all wind events—tropical cyclones (including hurricanes and typhoons)—are generated. When these storms make landfall on populated coastlines, their effects can be devastating.

Content :
  • 1. The nature of wind storms and wind-induced damage
  • 2. Prediction of design wind speeds and structural safety
  • 3. Strong wind characteristics and turbulence
  • 4. Basic bluff-body aerodynamics
  • 5. Resonant dynamic response and effective static load distributions
  • 6. Internal pressures 
  • 7. Laboratory simulation of strong winds and wind loads 
  • 8. Low-rise buildings 
  • 9. Tall buildings 
  • 10. Large roofs and sports stadiums 
  • 11. Towers, chimneys and masts 
  • 12. Bridges 
  • 13. Transmission lines 
  • 14. Other structures 
  • 15. Wind loading codes and standards

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