AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications

AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications 

Nam, Kwang Hee

Preference :

The importance of motor control technology has resurfaced recently since the electrification of various power sources reduces greenhouse gas. Autonomous vehicle technology opens a new world of unmanned delivery with the expansion of drone applications. Sooner or later, electric planes and flying cars are popularly used for passenger transport. The motor application is more accelerated as the battery costs are reduced. Control engineers need to understand many motor design issues to meet challenging design specifications. From this point of view, various aspects including motor control, motor design, practical manufacturing, testing, and programming are considered in this book. This book was written as a textbook for a graduate-level course on AC motor control and electric drive. Not only the motor control but also some motor design basics are covered to give a comprehensive view of the multidisciplinary age. Theoretical integrity in the modeling and control of AC motors is pursued throughout the book.

AC Motor Control and Electrical Vehicle Applications

Content :
  • 1 Preliminary for Motor Control
  • 2 Rotating Magnetic Field
  • 3 Induction Motor Basics
  • 4 Dynamic Modeling of Induction Motors
  • 5 Induction Motor Control
  • 6 Permanent Magnet AC Motors
  • 7 PMSM Control Methods
  • 8 Magnetism and Motor Losses
  • 9 PMSM Sensorless Control
  • 10 Pulse Width Modulation and Inverter
  • 11 Basics of Motor Design
  • 12 EV Motor Design and Control
  • 13 Vehicle Dynamics
  • 14 Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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