Advances in Mechanical Engineering

Advances in Mechanical Engineering 

Alexander Evgrafov

Preference :

The “Modern Engineering: Science and Education” (MESE) conference was initially organized by the Mechanical Engineering Department of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University in June 2011 in St. Petersburg (Russia). It was envisioned as a forum to bring together scientists, university professors, graduate students, and mechanical engineers, presenting new science, technology, and engineering ideas and achievements. The idea of holding such a forum proved to be highly relevant. Moreover, both location and timing of the conference were quite appealing. Late June is a wonderful and romantic season in St. Petersburg—one of the most beautiful cities, located on the Neva river banks, and surrounded by charming greenbelts. The conference attracted many participants, working in various fields of engineering: design, mechanics, materials, etc. The success of the conference inspired the organizers to turn the conference into an annual event.

Content :
  • Frameworks not Restorable from Self Stresses
  • Structural Modifications Synthesis of Bennett Mechanism
  • Kinematic Research of Bricard Linkage Modifications 
  • Drive Selection of Multidirectional Mechanism with Excess Inputs
  • Engineering Calculations of Bolt Connections. 
  • Modern Methods of Contact Forces Between Wheelset and Rails Determining.
  • A Novel Design of an Electrical Transmission Line Inspection Machine
  • One Stable Scheme of Centrifugal Forces Dynamic Balance
  • New Effective Data Structure for Multidimensional Optimization
  • Orthogonal Packing Problems
  • One-Dimensional Models in Turbine Blades Dynamics
  • Stationary Oscillation in Two-Mass Machine Aggregate with Universal-Joint Drive.
  • The Vibrations of Reservoirs and Cylindrical Supports of Hydro
  • Technical Constructions Partially Submerged into the Liquid
  • Mathematical Modelling of Interaction of the Biped Dynamic Walking Robot with the Ground
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking and Electrochemical Potential of Titanium Alloys
  • Metal Flow Control at Processes of Cold Axial Rotary Forging.

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