BIM for Design Coordination

BIM for Design Coordination 

Fernanda L. Leite

Preference :

While still an undergraduate student in my native country, Brazil, I interned for a construction company and performed rudimentary paper-based design coordination. I compared drawings that were submitted by various specialty engineering firms, each working independently on their scopes of work and not collaborating with one another. My job was seemingly simple: to identify physical conflicts between the various scopes of work based on two-dimensional drawings. I performed the comparison as systematically as possible but did not even have a light table to help. I simply had the hard-copy drawings opened up side-by-side on a large meeting table. Often, the drawings that I was comparing, all from different design firms, were not even printed on the same scale.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Setting Up the Project for Success
  • Model Quality
  • Carrying Out a Successful Design Coordination Session
  • Specific Guidelines for General Contractors and the VDC Coordination Team
  • Specific Guidelines for Architects and Engineers
  • Specific Guidelines for Subcontractors and Fabricators
  • BIM-Based Design Coordination in Other Industry Sectors
  • BIM Teaching Considerations
  • What the Future Holds for Design Coordination

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