Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives

Dynamics and Control of Electrical Drives 

Piotr Wach

Preference :

Electrical drives form a continuously developing branch of science and technology, which dates back from the mid-19th century and plays an increasingly important role in the industry and common everyday applications. This is so because every day we have to do with dozens of household appliances, office, and transportation equipment, all of which contain electrical drives also known as actuators. In the same manner, industry and transport to a large extent rely on the application of electrical drive for the purposes of effective and precise operation. The electrical drives have taken over and still take on a large share of the physical efforts that were previously undertaken by humans as well as perform the type of work that was very needed but could not be performed due to physical or other limitations.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Dynamics of Electromechanical Systems
  • Induction Machine in Electric Drives
  • Brushless DC Motor Drives
  • Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

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