Electric Machinery, Sixth Edition

Electric Machinery 

A. E. Fitzgerald

Preference :

The chief objective of Electric Machinery continues to be to build a strong foundation in the basic principles of electromechanics and electric machinery. Through all of its editions, the emphasis of Electric Machinery has been on both physical insight and analytical techniques. Mastery of the material covered will provide both the basis for understanding many real-world electric-machinery applications as well as the foundation for proceeding on to more advanced courses in electric machinery design and control. Although much of the material from the previous editions has been retained in this edition, there have been some significant changes.

Content :
  • 1 Magnetic Circuit and Magnetic Materials 
  • 2 Transformers
  • 3 Electromechanical-Energy-ConversionPrinciples 
  • 4 Introduction to Rotating Machines
  • 5 Synchronous Machines 
  • 6 Polyphase Induction Machines 
  • 7 DCMachines
  • 8 Variable-Reluctance Machines and Stepping Motors
  • 9 Single- and Two-Phase Motors
  • 10 Introduction to Power Electronics
  • 11 Speed and Torque Control

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