Steel Structures: Practical Design Studies

Steel Structures: Practical Design Studies 

Al Nageim, Hassan

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To clarify the meaning of what we call structural design, it is important to avoid any confusion, as it often unfortunately happens, between architectural structural design, structural elements design and analysis. The analysis is a verification process, using knowledge of applied mechanics and technical tools, of the dimensions of a project, which is a more or less definitive way has already been defined by a design process. It is clear that structural analysis procedures can be taught in schools as every well-defined and formalized subject can. In fact, structural analysis is a branch of applied physics. However, it is less clear to understand to which extent a correct design procedure can be acquired by more or less conventional teaching procedures because design implies an ill-definable quality called creativity. In this section, the basic steps of structural design and analysis are explained first, together with the tools that are needed to execute them, including the use of databases and expert systems.

Content :
  • 1 Introduction to structural design: The meaning, the purpose and the limits of structural design 
  • 2 Steel structures – structural engineering
  • 3 Structural steel design
  • 4 Preliminary design
  • 5 Single-storey, one-way-spanning buildings
  • 6 Single-storey, one-way-spanning pinned-base portal-plastic design to EC3
  • 7 Multistorey buildings
  • 8 Multistorey buildings, simple design to EC3
  • 9 Floor systems
  • 10 Composite floor system to EC4
  • 11 Tall buildings
  • 12 Wide-span buildings
  • 13 Composite steel columns to EC3 and EC4: Theory, uses and practical design studies
  • 14 Steel plate girders: Design to EC3
  • 15 Plate girder: Practical design studies
  • 16 Sustainable steel buildings and energy saving

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