Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding

Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding 

Tim Gilles

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Gain the technical expertise, practical skills, and industry knowledge you need for career success! AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES: DIAGNOSIS, REPAIR, AND REBUILDING, Eighth Edition, features comprehensive coverage of the theory of operation, diagnosis, repair, and rebuilding of automotive engines. A veteran instructor with firsthand experience as a certified technician and machinist, the author focuses on universal repair techniques and case histories based on real-world scenarios you are likely to see in the field. Now updated with new, full-color images and information on the latest trends, tools, and technology--including hybrid engines and high-performance components--this trusted text is the ideal resource to prepare you for professional success.

Content :
  • 1. Engine Operation.
  • 2. Engine Shop Safety.
  • 3. Diagnosing Engine Problems.
  • 4. Engine Removal, Disassembly, Inspection, And In-chassis Repairs. 
  • 5. Cleaning The Engine.
  • 6. Measuring. Metric System. 
  • 7. Cylinder Head: Parts And Service. Head Disassembly. 
  • 8. Cylinder Head: Springs, Valves, And Valve Seats.
  • 9. Camshafts, Lifters, Timing Belts, And Chains.
  • 10. Cylinder Block - Inspection And Service. 
  • 11. Crankshaft, Bearings, And Engine Balancing.
  • 12. Piston, Rings, And Connecting Rod.
  • 13. Lubrication System. The Lubrication System. 
  • 14. Cooling System. The Cooling System.
  • 15. Engine Hardware: Fasteners, Thread Repair, And Gaskets.
  • 16. Reassembly And Starting.
  • 17. Engine Breathing: Intake And Exhaust Systems.
  • 18. Turbochargers And Superchargers.

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