Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions, Second Edition

Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions, Second Edition 

Penelis, George G

Preference :

Reinforced concrete is one of the main building materials used worldwide, and an understanding of its structural performance under gravity and seismic loads, albeit complex, is crucial for the design of cost-effective and safe buildings. Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions comprehensively covers all of the analysis and design issues related to the design of reinforced concrete buildings under seismic action. It is suitable as a reference for the structural engineer dealing with specific problems during the design process and especially also for undergraduate and graduate structural, concrete, and earthquake engineering courses.

Content :
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 An overview of structural dynamics
  • 3 Design principles, seismic actions, performance requirements, compliance criteria
  • 4 Configuration of earthquake-resistant R/C structural systems: structural behavior
  • 5 Analysis of the structural system
  • 6 Capacity design – design action effects – safety verifications
  • 7 Reinforced concrete materials under seismic actions
  • 8 Seismic-resistant R/C frames
  • 9 Seismic-resistant R/C walls and diaphragms
  • 10 Seismic design of foundations
  • 11 Seismic pathology
  • 12 Emergency post-earthquake damage inspection, assessment, and human life protection measures
  • 13 Seismic assessment and retrofitting of R/C buildings
  • 14 Technology of repair and strengthening
  • 15 Seismic isolation and energy dissipation systems

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