Concrete Recycling: Research and Practice

Concrete Recycling: Research and Practice 

François de Larrard

Preference :

Concrete is the most important construction material in terms of volume and turnover. Reserving recycled aggregate (RA) for new concrete is a way to make better use of the whole waste materials resource by the civil and construction sectors. Within the French National Projects devoted to concrete, after having dealt with high-performance concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, new placing processes, and self-compacting concrete, it was decided in 2010 to prepare a project promoting concrete recycling. This introduction also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book deals with RAs: how they are produced, and what are their key characteristics. It explains how to ground, old concrete can be used in the cement process, either as an alternative raw material or as a supplementary cementitious material. The book provides information on how to produce, cast, and cure RA concrete.

Content :
  • Introduction. 
  • Recycled aggregates. 
  • Binder incorporating recycled concrete fraction. 
  • Recycled concrete from production to hardening stages. 
  • Properties of hardened recycled concrete. 
  • Mix-design of recycled concrete. 
  • Reinforced recycled concrete. 
  • Experimental construction sites. 
  • Sustainability of concrete recycling. 
  • Implementation of concrete recycling. 
  • Conclusion: concrete towards the circular economy.

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