Design of Reinforced Concrete Foundations

Modern Construction Handbook, Third Edition 

Andrew Watts

Preference :

This book, a companion volume to my earlier book Foundation Engineering, exclusively deals with the structural design of reinforced concrete foundations. Both these books are meant as textbooks for undergraduates and postgraduates students of civil engineering specializing in Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering. As the book explains the fundamental principles of the subject and the field practice, practicing engineers will also find it very useful for a better understanding of the subject. From my long years of experience in teaching, both Geotechnical Engineering and Structural Engineering at all levels, I feel that it is better for the students to learn the above two aspects of the same subject as two separate courses, even though they have to be combined together in actual practice. This has prompted me to write two separate textbooks on the twin aspects of the same subject.

Content :
  • Foundation Structures
  • Review of Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete
  • Design of Centrally Loaded Isolated Footings and Column Pedestals
  • Design of Centrally Loaded Isolated Footings and Column Pedestals
  • Wall Footings
  • Design of Isolated Footings with Vertical Loads and Moments
  • Combined Footings for Two Columns
  • Balanced Footings
  • Strip Footings under Several Columns
  • Raft Foundations
  • Design of Flat Slab Rafts—Mat Foundations
  • Beam and Slab Rafts
  • Compensated Foundations, Cellular Rafts, and Basement Floors
  • Combined Piled Raft Foundation (CPRF)
  • Circular and Annular Rafts
  • Under-reamed Pile Foundations
  • Design of Pile Caps
  • Pile Foundations—Design of Large Diameter Socketed Piles

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