Effective Project Management Guidance and Checklists for Engineering and Construction

Effective Project Management 

Garth G.F. Ward

Preference :

Projects can be anything: a capital facility, an information system, a piece of research, a company merger, an organizational change, launching a product, or decommissioning a facility, and so on. They can range from capital intensive technological and infrastructure investments to labor-intensive health care. All project types need a description, a scope, and the associated specifications for the quality required, and they cannot be realized without a team of people to develop them. The fundamental characteristic of all projects is that they create and cause change. As such, they come up against resistance. Consequently, leadership is needed in the form of a project manager, and a project management process is required to control them.

Content :
  • Part I Projects and Their Management
  • Part II Programme Management
  • Part III Feasibility and Contracting
  • Part IV Project Execution 
  • Part V Specialist Topics
  • Part VI Skills Check Lists

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