Modern Concrete Construction Manual

Modern Concrete Construction Manual 

Martin Peck(ed.)

Preference :

Concrete is a remarkable building material, but despite its widespread presence, it is frequently an inconspicuous part of our built environment, often hidden in structures, foundations, and similar parts of buildings. Some- times, however, it stands out in an architec- tural structure that makes use of its material properties is highlighted in smooth exposed concrete or deliberately roughened surfaces, plays with structures, or transforms seemingly unbuildable visions into reality.

Content :
  • Building material and products 22
  • Concrete construction operations 46
  • Materiality and surface 54
  • Designing structures with structural concrete
  • Digital design and fabrication methods
  • Sustainable construction with concrete 
  • Costs and economics 
  • Thermal building physics and energy efficiency
  • Building acoustics 
  • Renovation and restoration
  • Interiors, design, vision
  • Examples of completed buildings in detail

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