Principles of Composite Material Mechanics

Principles of Composite Material Mechanics 

Ronald F Gibson

Preference :

Composite materials is truly an interdisciplinary subject, and the number of students taking courses in this area is steadily increasing. Books on the subject tend to emphasize either the mechanics of the materials science aspects of composites. Principles of Composite Material Mechanics are mechanics oriented. Composite materials technology is new enough for many working engineers who have had no training in this area, and so, a textbook in composite material mechanics should be useful not only for the education of new engineers but also for the continuing education of practicing engineers and for reference. The high level of interest in composite materials, the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, the need to reeducate practicing engineers, and the need for a new composite mechanics textbook at the introductory level all led to my decision to write this book.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Lamina Stress-Strain Relationships
  • Effective Moduli of a Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Lamina
  • Strength of a Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Lamina
  • Analysis of Lamina Hygrothermal Behavior
  • Analysis of a Discontinuously Reinforced Lamina
  • Analysis of Laminates
  • Analysis of Viscoelastic and Dynamic Behavior
  • Analysis of Fracture
  • Mechanical Testing of Composites and Their Constituents
  • Answers to Selected Problems

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