Transformers And Inductors For Power Electronics

Transformers And Inductors For Power Electronics 

Hurley W.G

Preference :

The design of magnetic components such as transformers and inductors has been of interest to electronic and electrical engineers for many years. Traditionally, treatment of the topic has been empirical, and the ‘cook-book’ approach has prevailed. In the past, this approach has been adequate when the conservative design was acceptable. In recent years, however, space and cost have become premium factors in any design, so that the need for tighter designs is greater. The power supply remains one of the biggest components of portable electronic equipment. Power electronics is an enabling technology for power conversion in energy sys- tems. All power electronic converters have magnetic components in the form of transformers for power transfer and inductors for energy storage.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Inductance
  • Chapter 3 Inductor Design
  • Chapter 4 Transformers
  • Chapter 5 Transformer Design
  • Chapter 6 High-Frequency Effects in the Windings
  • Chapter 7 High-Frequency Effects in the Core
  • Chapter 8 Measurements
  • Chapter 9 Planar Magnetics
  • Chapter 10 Variable Inductance

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