Deep Excavations: A practical Manual

Deep Excavations: A Practical Manual 

Malcolm Puller

Preference :

This book assembles the practical rules and details for the efficient and economical execution of deep excavations. It draws together a wealth of experience of both design and construction from published work and the lifetime practice of the author. This second edition is extensively revised to include changes in design emphasis including those due to Eurocode 7 and descriptions of the latest equipment, construction techniques, and geotechnical processes. Additional details include those of the latest piling and diaphragm wall equipment and innovations in top-down construction applied to basements and cut-and-cover works.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The control of groundwater
  • 3. Open excavation: side slopes and soil retention
  • 4. Vertical soil support: wall construction
  • 5. Design of vertical soil support
  • 6. Cofferdam construction
  • 7. Cofferdam design
  • 8. Basement construction and design
  • 9. cut-and-cover construction
  • 10. Shafts and caissons: construction and design
  • 11. Soil movement due to deep excavations
  • Appendix: Selection of typical soil parameters and correlations for initial design purposes

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