Electric Motors Drives

Electric Motors Drives 

Austin Hughes

Preference :

Electric motors are so much a part of everyday life that we seldom give them a second thought. When we switch on an electric drill, for example, we confidently expect it to run rapidly up to the correct speed, and we do not question how it knows what speed to run at, or how it is that once enough energy has been drawn from the supply to bring it up to speed, the power drawn falls to a very low level. When we put the drill to work it draws more power, and when we Wish the power drawn from the mains reduces automatically, without intervention on our part.

Content :
  • Electric Motors
  • Power Electronic Converters For Motor Drives
  • Conventional D.c. Motors
  • D.c. Motor Drives
  • Induction Motors – Rotating Field, Slip, And Torque
  • Operating Characteristics Of Induction Motors
  • Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit
  • Inverter-fed Induction Motor Drives
  • Stepping Motors
  • Synchronous, Brushless D.c. And Switched Reluctance Drives
  • Motor/drive Selection
  • Appendix – Introduction To Closed-loop Control

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