Introduction to Digital Electronics

Introduction to Digital Electronics 

John Crowe

Preference :

This book covers the material normally found in first and second-year modules on digital electronics. It is intended for use by degree, diploma, and TEC students in electronic engineering, computer science, and physics departments. It is also aimed at those professionals who are revisiting the subject as a means of updating themselves on recent developments. The philosophy of this book is to cover the basics in detail and to give a taste of advanced topics such as asynchronous and synchronous circuit design, and semi-custom IC design. In other words, we have adopted a broad-brush approach to the subject. This will provide the reader with an introduction to these advanced techniques which are covered in more specialist and comprehensive texts. The book is sprinkled with numerous practical examples indicating good and poor design techniques and tips regarding circuit pitfalls.

Content :
  • 1. Fundamentals
  • 2. Arithmetic and digital electronics
  • 3. Combinational logic basics
  • 4. Combinational logic circuits
  • 5. Asynchronous sequential logic
  • 6. Flip-flops and flip-flop based circuits
  • 7. Counters
  • 8. Synchronous sequential circuits
  • 9. Choosing a means of implementation
  • 10. Semiconductor memories
  • 11. Selecting a design route
  • 12 - Answers to selected self-assessment questions and problems

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