Machine Analysis with Computer Applications for Mechanical Engineers

Machine Analysis with Computer Applications 

Richard F. Fellows

Preference :

The material presented in this book evolved from supplementary material prepared for teaching a course in machine analysis. One major thing I have learned from teaching Machine Analysis, and also from discussing with others who have taught the course, is that students do not understand the purpose of machine analysis and lack understanding of the big picture. This book focuses on learning the big picture with the use of computer methods. As an example, students typically learn kinematic analysis of linkage systems by calculating the velocity and acceleration of a linkage mechanism in one “freeze-frame” position. As a result, the students get answers in the form of vectors, which have no real meaning to them because it is not a complete solution. In order to have a complete understanding of the concept, students need to calculate velocity and acceleration for one complete cycle of motion of the mechanism. Although it is far too tedious to calculate by hand, students can develop computer code that will analyze the mechanism for its complete cycle of motion.

Content :
  • 1 Introductory Concept
  • 2 Essential Kinematics Concepts
  • 3 Linkage Position Analysis
  • 4 Linkage Velocity and Acceleration Analysis
  • 5 Linkage Synthesis
  • 6 Computational Methods for Linkage Mechanism Kinematics
  • 7 Gear Analysis
  • 8 Gear Trains
  • 9 Cams
  • 10 Vibration Theory
  • 11 Dynamic Force Analysis
  • 12 Balancing of Machinery
  • 13 Applications of Machine Dynamics

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