The Management of Construction: A Project Lifecycle Approach

The Management of Construction: A Project Lifecycle Approach 

F. Lawrence Bennett

Preference :

An understanding of the construction project life cycle is essential for all who are associated with the construction industry. The materials in this book have been prepared primarily for use as a textbook for students in the design professions, construction management programs, and facility development and management curricula. The topics covered here ought to be of interest to others involved with the project development process as well, including material and equipment suppliers, insurers, owner representatives and members of the legal profession. As the subtitle indicates, the book is designed around the framework of the project life cycle, commencing with various pre-project decisions and then ranging, in order, through planning and design, contractor selection, project mobilization, on-site project operations and project closeout and termination.

Content :
  • Introduction
  • Pre-Project Phase
  • Planning and Design Phase
  • Contractor Selection Phase
  • Project Mobilization Phase
  • Project Operations Phase
  • Project Closeout and Termination Phase

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