Advanced Steel Design of Structures

Advanced Steel Design of Structures 


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Advanced steel design explores the domain of research and understanding both analysis and design of steel structures in general and offshore compliant structures in particular. The convenience that steel possesses to recycling, repair, and retrofit in comparison to other construction materials, both commercial and eco-friendly points of view is one of the primary advantages. The material strength of steel beyond yield value intuits the plastic design of structures but also warrants about the permanent plastic deformation under excessive loading. A chapter in plastic design deals with a few examples, highlighting the basics.

Content :
  • 1: Introduction. Chapter 
  • 2: Plastic Design of Structures. 
  • 3: Blast, Fire, and Impact-Resistant Design. 
  • 4: Stability of Structural Systems. 
  • 5: Mathieu Stability of Compliant Structures.

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