Handbook of Road Technology

Handbook of Road Technology 

M. G. Lay

Preference :

This fully revised fourth edition of Max Lay’s well-established reference work covers all aspects of the technology of roads and road transport and urban and rural road technology. It forms a comprehensive but accessible reference for all professionals and students interested in roads, road transport and the wide range of disciplines involved with roads.
International in scope, it begins with the preliminary construction procedures; from road planning policies and design considerations to the selection of materials and the building of roads and bridges. It then explores road operating environments that include driver behavior, traffic flow, lighting and maintenance, and assesses the cost, economics, transport implications, and environmental impact of road use.

Content :
  • Introduction. 
  • Definitions. 
  • History of Roads. 
  • The Management of Roads. 
  • Road Needs. Road Location. 
  • Residential Streets. 
  • Pavement Materials. 
  • Water in Pavements. 
  • Stabilisation. 
  • Pavement Design. 
  • Bituminous Pavements. 
  • Drainage. 
  • Pavement Performance. 
  • Bridges. 
  • Driver Behaviour. 
  • Traffic Flow and Capacity. 
  • Speeds. Road Geometry. 
  • Intersections. 
  • Traffic Signs. 
  • Pavement Markings. 
  • Traffic Signals. 
  • Lighting. 
  • Construction. 
  • Maintenance. 
  • Road Vehicles. 
  • Safety. 

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