Civil Engineering: Supervision and Management

Civil Engineering: Supervision and Management 

A. C. Twort BSc,

Preference :

This book covers methods adopted for undertaking the design and construction of civil engineering projects. The options for separate design and construction are compared with design and build projects, construction management, and management contracts. The salient differences are shown between the various conditions of contract used. The roles of the engineer, employer's project manager, or his representative under different forms of contract are compared. Requirements for the production of contract documents, specifications, tendering procedures, and choice of the contractor are set out. The engineer's powers and the duties of his resident engineer on the site of construction are considered in detail. Records, filing systems, program, and progress charts used by the resident engineer are illustrated, and advice is given on the handling of safety problems and difficult situations on site.

Content :
  • Methods of commissioning works
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Tendering
  • The contractor's site organization
  • The engineer and his staff
  • Starting the construction work
  • Site surveys, investigations, and layout
  • The resident engineer's office records
  • Programme and progress charts
  • Measurement and bills of quantities
  • Interim monthly payments
  • Variations and claims
  • Earthworks and pipelines
  • Site concreting and reinforcement

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