Highway Bridge Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

Highway Bridge Maintenance Planning and Scheduling 

Hurt, Mark A.

Preference :

The previous statement may appeal to the vanity of those who work with bridges, but it also reflects a truth: bridges are critical assets that provide important value but at a cost. Value, in that each highway bridge is a solution to a problem of how to carry traffic across a river or gorge or another obstacle such as conflicting lanes of traffic. Cost, in that the solution comes at a price, each section of a bridge deck costs several times more than an equivalent area of roadway both to construct and to maintain over the life of the bridge.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2: Bridge Elements and Materials
  • 3: Bridge Inspection and Evaluation
  • 4: Preventative Maintenance
  • 5: Substantial Maintenance and Rehabilitation
  • 6: Bridge Life Cycle Costing
  • 7: Bridge Management

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