Matrix Structural Analysis

Matrix Structural Analysis 

William McGuire

Preference :

The aims of the first edition of Matrix Structural Analysis were to place proper emphasis on the methods of matrix structural analysis used in practice and to lay the groundwork for the more advanced subject matter. This extensively revised Second Edition accounts for changes in practice that have taken place in the intervening twenty years. It incorporates advances in the science and art of analysis that are suitable for application now, and will be of increasing importance in the years ahead. It is written to meet the needs of both the present and the coming generation of structural engineers.

Content :
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Main Variables and Relationships
  • 3. The Elastic Properties of Single Elements (a) Line Elements
  • 4. The Elastic Properties of Single Elements (b) An Introduction to Area and Volume Elements
  • 5. The Equilibrium or Displacement Method
  • 6. The Equilibrium Equations of a Complete Structure
  • 7. Plastic Analysis and Design
  • 8. The Compatibility or Force Method
  • 9. Transfer Matrices
  • 10. The Analysis of Non-linear Structures
  • 11. Problems of Size and Accuracy

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