Advances in Bridge Maintenance, Safety Management, and Life-Cycle Performance

Advances in Bridge Maintenance, Safety Management, and Life-Cycle Performance 

Paulo J. da Sousa Cruz

Preference :

A bridge can have various forms. It can be a girder, a truss, an arch, cable-stayed, or suspended. Even though they may all look very different from each other, each of these bridges is comprised of only three basic structural elements: axial, bending, and curved elements. I call this the ABC of structures. By combining and mixing these three types of basic structural elements, we can create all different types of bridge configurations. For example, a truss bridge consists of mainly axially loaded elements. Bending may exist, but it is secondary. So is a cable-stayed bridge. An arch carries its load with a change of curvature. This is also true in the suspension cable of a suspension bridge. A girder bridge is mainly a bending element. Even though some engineers tend to specify the desired bridge type in relation to bridge spans, in reality, there are no rules dictating what is the best form to satisfy a given function of a bridge. It depends on many variables such as the cost and availability of construction materials, transportation, the skill of labor, aesthetics, and many other reasons.

Content :
  • Keynote Lectures
  • Bridge management systems
  • Reliability analysis and optimal design of deteriorating structural systems
  • Design, operation, and maintenance of high-speed railway bridges
  • Application of structural system identification methods
  • Long-term signal analysis for the existing bridge health monitoring systems
  • Damage assessment – strength and durability
  • Assessment, monitoring, and control of bridge vibrations
  • Seismic and dynamic analysis
  • Assessment of bridge repair and strengthening
  • Handling uncertainty in analysis design
  • Probabilistic characterization and analysis of the properties of  materials used in bridges
  • Politics and perception in life-cycle decisions
  • Safety of medium and long-span bridge superstructures during the erection phases

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