Civil Engineering Contracts Practice and Procedure

Civil Engineering Contracts Practice and Procedure

Charles K. Haswell

Preference :

The contract system in civil engineering has evolved through the ages for the realization of important capital works for the benefit of mankind. Such works were termed 'civil engineering' as opposed to 'military engineering' in the eighteenth century and have continued to be referred to by this term. The types of work which fall within the ambit of civil engineering are vast: navigable canals, irrigation schemes, roads, railways, docks, harbours, dams, bridges, tunnels and sea defence works may be cited as classic examples. With the advance of technology and the resulting sophistication of the world we live in the scope of civil engineering has expanded. Today this branch of engineering manifests itself in varying degrees in thermal and nuclear power stations, process industries, oil, gas and coal industries, satellite and communication systems and in almost every conceivable project which is established for the benefit of mankind.  

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Content :

  • 1 The Philosophy of the Contract System in Civil Engineering
  • 2 Contract Promotion
  • 3 Types of Contract
  • 4 Contract Risk and Contract Responsibility
  • 5 Contract Documents and Their Application
  • 6 General Conditions of Contract
  • 7 Specifications
  • 8 Bill of Quantities and Methods of Measurement
  • 9 Insurances
  • 10 Tender Procedure
  • 11 Powers, Duties and Functions of the Engineer and His Representative
  • 12 Engineer's Estimates, Methods of Pricing and Rate Fixing
  • 13 Claims
  • 14 The nature of Arbitration and Related Procedure

  • Download Civil Engineering Contracts Practice and Procedure free PDF


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