Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems

Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems 

Ram S. Gupta

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Water resources are developed either to use or to control groundwater and surface water flows. A developmental activity for the use of water comprises studying the availability of and demand for water and contemplating a project that can meet the expected needs from available supplies by means of engineering works and nonstructural measures. Water control activities are concerned with regulating the rate of water supply in order to improve conditions within an area. The purpose of the facilities provided by a project is to vary the quantity and quality, time of supply, and place of use of the water resources in accordance with need. Developing a project involves the design and arrangement of structural compo- nents, along with nonstructural measures, if any, to serve the intended purpose.

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Content :
  • Demand for Water
  • Elements of the Hydrologic Cycle: Precipitation
  • Elements of the Hydrologic Cycle: Evaporation and Transpiration
  • Elements of the Hydrologic Cycle: Runoff
  • Theory of Groundwater Flow
  • Applications and Development of Groundwater Flow
  • Contaminant Transport and Groundwater Monitoring
  • Estimation of Surface Water Flow: Hydrograph Analysis
  • Estimation of Surface Water Flow: Streamflow Relationships
  • Computation of Extreme Flows
  • Hydrodynamic Principles, Kinematics and Flow Routing
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Conveyance Systems: Open Channel Flow
  • Distribution Systems
  • Urban Drainage Systems
  • Remote Sensing and Computer Modeling in Hydrology

Download Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems free PDF


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