Introduction to Tunnel Construction

Introduction to Tunnel Construction

Chapman, David N.

Preference :

Computers have a prominent, often controlling role throughout the life cycle of engineering products and manufacturing processes. Their role is vital as global competitive pressures call for improvements in product performance and quality coupled with significant reductions in product design, development, and manufacturing timetables. Design engineers vastly improve their work productivity using computers. For example, performance of a product or process can be evaluated prior to fabricating a prototype using appropriate simulation software. Computer-aided design (CAD) uses the mathematical and graphic processing power of the computer to assist the engineer in the creation, modification, analysis, and display of designs.

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Content :
  • Introduction. 
  • Site Investigation. 
  • Preliminary Analysis. 
  • Ground Improvement Techniques and Lining Systems. 
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Techniques. 
  • Health and Safety and Risk Management in Tunneling. 
  • Ground Movements and Monitoring. 
  • Case Studies.

Download Introduction to Tunnel Construction free PDF


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